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Wholesale sale Ivan Tchay, Sagan Dayla, check our product catalog and see what we can offer you. Individual pricing depending on the size of the order.


Wholesale sale of Russian tea and balms


We sell our products only in bulk quantities. The products are of the highest quality.

  • High quality
    High quality
  • Unique taste
    Unique taste
  • A wide range
    A wide range
  • Ecological packaging
    Ecological packaging
  • Vitamins and minerals
    Vitamins and minerals
  • No GMO
    No GMO

A little about Ivan Tchay

After 100 years of oblivion, Ivan Tchay returns to our tables. Inhabitants of the eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe enjoyed russian tea on a par with Chinese tea. It was a mandatory drink on the tables of many then rulers who appreciated all its virtues.
Today we propose a return to old traditions checked by our ancestors and flavors.

Exceptional, sweet balms on original Altai herbs, this is an unprecedented offer in Poland.

Almost all herbs and their mixtures available on the Polish market, often require a rather cumbersome and long brewing process before use. According to the ancient maxim – “nothing is healthy is good and what is good is not healthy”, rarely the brew obtained is pleasant to consume. A Russian scientist pharmacologist – P.A. decided to deal with this problem. Łunin, which in the early 1990s, developed a technology for the production of non-alcoholic balms, containing useful, unique Altaic herbs in combination with honey and sweet syrup. As a result, we received condensed, ready-to-eat herbal preparations. At the same time, deprived of their main drawback, i.e. bitter, unpleasant taste. The balms are very sweet and pleasant in taste, without losing any very useful qualities that make up their herbs. Even the greatest opponents of bitter herbs will resist drinking them with pleasure and health.

We invite all retailers to cooperate. We offer goods unprecedented in stationary stores.


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Join us and sell high quality, unique, tea, balsams and herbal teas.

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+48 660 008 414

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